Driven by a philosophy that workouts should be playful, I aim to impart to clients the sheer joy of meaningful movement and the rewards of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. My specialties are body-weight training, weight-loss, strength and conditioning, injury prevention/rehabilitation and flexibility.  Additionally, I specialize in Functional Range Conditioning Mobility, TRX Suspension Training, TRX Rip Training, and Kettle Bell training. 

A proud mother of two, I am a certified Pre- and Post-Natal trainer. 

After a movement, activity & nutrition assessment, each program is uniquely designed based on what your goals (fitness/aesthetic/skills/otherwise), lifestyle, health history and experience are. Common side effects include: moving more, moving better, moving with more intention, energizing your work life, home life, and love life, taking pleasure and finding ease in cooking & eating delicious food, discovering the power of exercise as mental medicine, and being more comfortable in your own skin.

Runners, Dancers, Martial Artists, Yogis & Weekend Warriors: We all need carefully designed training programs that boost performance and prevent & address the adverse effects of a common issue among regular movers: injuries and strains related to muscle overuse from constant, repetitive motions. A fitness program tailored to your needs & goals will put positive stressors on the often overlooked planes of motion to allow you to do more of what you love--only better.  Be challenged & strengthened by learning to move in new and exciting ways!