Strength Training

If the benefits of strength training were available in the form of a pill, everyone would be prescribing them and taking them daily!

Add strength training 2-3x/week into your life and reap endless benefits and rewards:

  • More defined muscles and body

  • Greater ease weight loss and maintenance (more muscle tone means you burn more calories each day outside of your workouts)

  • Improved posture and body mechanics

  • Decreased chance of developing osteoporosis, diabetes and arthritis

  • Boosted energy levels and mood

  • Improved and enhanced learning and focus

Strength training does not necessarily equal weights! I’m creative and can assure you that your body is the BEST piece of equipment you will ever learn how to use and maneuver. Along the way, I love to incorporate a whole list of tools to make the process more fun and effective:

  • TRX

  • Kettle Bells

  • Wall Ladder

  • Rip Trainer

  • Bars (pull up, dip, monkey)

  • Balls

  • Sandbags

  • Therabands

  • Good, old fashioned dumbbells and barbells

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