Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Not injured? Great! Don’t wait till you are to get moving and strengthening your weak links.

Running was recently written up in a online zine as a dangerous activity to avoid due to all the running-related injuries associated. Really? Rather than avoiding what you love, or whatever you did to sustain an injury, get started on a program to lessen the likelihood of injury and train hard uninterrupted.

Functional Range Conditioning [Mobility Specialist]

Incorporating Functional Range Conditioning Mobility training into your fitness program will be a huge game changer regardless of your fitness goals.

  • Increase your mobility (flexibility + strength + neuromuscular control)

  • Establish joint independence before interdependence

  • Neural grooving

  • Reduce likelihood of injury

Foam Rolling & Stretching

The combination of stretching and foam rolling (self-myofacial release) has been repeatedly proven in scientific studies to provide greater benefits than either method on its own. Every athlete or individual, regardless of age, activity level, or fitness goals, reaps countless benefits from learning/applying these tools of injury prevention and rehabilitation to their exercises programs.

What you will gain:

  • Reduced injury and pain

  • Increased blood flow

  • Greater range of motion

  • Reduced tension and stress relief

  • Ability to train harder (and more often due to decreased recovery time)

  • Think of how good you feel after a massage….this sensation could be yours everyday without the cost!

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