Snack Attack! Eating for Travel Glow

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, extended time in airports, planes and cars is taxing on our bodies.  Dehydration & constipation are two of the most common side effects of air/road travel due to the fact that travelers tend to drink less in transit, the drop in cabin humidity causes dry skin, eyes, throat and nose, and we have less access to fresh, fiber-rich foods. Sitting for long periods makes many of us feel like snacking/nibbling all the time.  Take a little extra time to plan ahead (healthy nibbles) and you’ll arrive 100% ready for whatever the adventure is ahead.   

  • Hydrate!  Choose water, water, water!  To stave off dehydration avoid:  carbonation, alcohol, juice and sugary beverages on flights.   I LOVE my coffee—but avoid caffeine on flights too— instead wait until you get to your destination to enjoy a really good cup of coffee if you need it.  Opt for good old water (ask for a lime or lemon to add a kick) and then enjoy getting up to stretch your legs on the way to the bathroom.
  • Fiber!  Fiber is a super important component for keeping your bowels regular and avoid feeling bloated.  Love to munch as much as I do?  Wash, trim, cut & pack your favorite raw veggies (mine: carrots, celery and radish) for the plane.  Home-popped popcorn: it’s high in fiber, low on the glycemic index plus fun to eat and to share.
  • Nuts: Ever notice that pre-salted mixes are often over-salted and rancid?  Pick three varieties of nuts (mine this week are: walnuts, cashews & almonds).  If you are a salt-lover, one pick can be roasted and salted, the other two raw & unsalted.  Mix all three together in an airtight container to keep them fresh.  Divide them out in snack baggie portions for the week and add one or two into your bag for the trip.  Another option: spoon 2 Tbs of almond butter into a snack baggie for dipping your veggie/fruit slices.  
  • Protein: String cheese or baby bell cheeses are finite, easy and great for satiating our hunger when paired with veggies/sliced apples.  Boiled eggs: they may be stinky when you open them, but who really cares—they’re great for you and they come in their own little carrying cases (egg shells!).
  • Pre-bought energy bars: Larabars, RX Bars & Kind Bars (my favorites).  Great in a pinch.
  • Didn’t make a bag of snacks and are stuck at the airport looking for a healthy and nourishing choice?  Buy a plain greek yogurt (or the flavored one skipping most of the sugary stuff at the bottom), mix it with a baggie of nuts to add some texture and increase your satiety.  Stop at Starbucks and choose their hummus and veggie tray.  Stop at Au Bon Pain and choose their wrap with grilled chicken, avocado and arugula or spinach.  Had a sandwich served to you on a big bun/loaf?  Take 1/2 of the bun off and enjoy/savor the rest!
  • Other must-haves on the plane:  A lacrosse or Trigger Point ball to place in all the achy spots while sitting for way too long.  A scarf to cuddle with, warm up with & make a pillow with.  
  • Love to travel in style?  Just make sure your clothes are comfy enough to get in some waiting-area stretching/yoga as you wait for your flight to board or sets of 20 air-squats at each rest stop on the road.  

    Boa Viagem!!!