Ordinary vs Extraordinary

“Patching the roof and pitching the hay
Is not my idea of a perfect day
When you’re extraordinary
You gotta do extraordinary things”

— from Pippin, the musical

I think you’re extraordinary (and I am too), but we still need to do (and savor) ordinary activities. Ponder these pairs: 


Many of us have immediate associations with these word couples. Reframe the reactions, putting joy on both sides of the coin, knowing that both sides are necessary for success & happiness. In fact, routine is the most magical building block of life & fitness/wellness. It can be as simple as:

  • Outlining your weekly workouts/movement (having a plan is easier to stick to!)

  • Food planning & grocery shopping in order to cook & eat well for the week

  • Training your metabolism by eating your meals/snacks at the same time daily

  • Sticking to a bedtime

Living in big cities, many of us are so busy we outsource many activities of daily living.  The current subway ad campaigns are a classic example of that bombardment:

  • Leave the grocery shopping/delivery to us

  • Leave the laundry to us

  • Leave the cooking to us 

  • Leave the house cleaning to us

Companies tell us that we should outsource these tasks to a professional and instead head to yoga class, the climbing gym, or our personal trainer (except usually we just do them so we can work more). While appealing and appropriate at times, challenge yourself to partake more in the simplest tasks of your day to day life.  Make your bed, vacuum/sweep your home on a weekly basis.  Plan your week’s food out, go grocery shopping, and find time to prepare your food.  Wash and fold your clothes with care and artistry. Embellish your home, your room, your personal sanctuary.  Spend time in these acts of home/care with your children, give them tasks, teach them how to feel the pride and joy of participation.  

Explore cultivating JOY & PLEASURE in these (and other) routine daily & weekly activities:

  • Working out

  • Groceries

  • Cooking/food prep

  • Bedtime

  • Trip to/from work

  • Making your bed daily

  • Vacuuming/sweeping your house weekly